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In aquesta secció, Biographica, inclou short biografias of several naturalists, scientists, geographers, historians or travelers que appear in my works and that I have great admiration; without their contribution no s'ha dit anything.

Most of these people were very well known at his time, they were scholars of great value, really wise. In case of the older, their views and comments of undeniable erudition, were held with fervor and indisputable way for centuries. Currently, in many cases, they remain in discreet and unjust oblivion and I felt a great honor to rescue them and admire his work.

La idea d'aquestes biografias és plenament objecte de l'obertura a fragments de Jean-Louis-Marc Alibert, un dels fonaments de la dermatologia francesa, introdueix el seu treball "Dissertation sur les fièvres pernicieuses o ataxiques intermittentes", publish 1807: "I don't doubt that those when menja after me da one day to the facts I've gathered, as I myslf have added to those that I found in the works of my predecessors. Sciences are only completed by works observers que tenen lloc en durada de les centuries, i no tenen cap a tot l'any de deu anys entre el punt d'human coneixement”.

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